Friday night dance social at Smooth Sailing Ballroom

Friday Dance Social

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Smooth Sailing Ballroom is fantastic. The new studio space is a joy to dance in. Private lessons here prepared my wife and I for our first dance at our wedding and it went perfectly.


I went for their Friday night dance lesson and social. With no experience I expected to learn a few steps and then sit on the sidelines for the majority of the social watching the more experienced dancers. WRONG!! Not only was the lesson fantastic but I found myself on the floor multiple times with more experienced dancers who were kind to a fault. (including some of the dance instructors). By the time I finally left my cheeks hurt from smiling so much! I can´t wait to return!


If you are looking for an inspiration to dance, and you want to get in shape, here you will find amazingly charging, romantic and friendly atmosphere. Smooth Sailing Ballroom has it all. 


Private Lessons     Available

Smooth Sailing Ballroom is still offering private lessons while still following all safety precautions and laws in place due to COVID-19. We are here to work with you and help you  learn to dance through these difficult times.


Wedding Lessons

When it comes to weddings we will make sure you have all of your dancing needs covered. 



Check out our monthly calendar and see what days and times we are having different classes.